Sydney Tea Festival 2019


The annual Sydney Tea Festival is an absolute MUST for all discerning tea lovers. We have proudly been a part of this event since it began in 2014, having just launched The Chai Room this was our first big event. We quickly realised that our passion had become a reality when we sold over 150 litres of chai on that day!

 Fatema at The Sydney Tea Festival 2019


The Sydney Tea Festival is a great place to test new boundaries and this year we introduced our chai and food pairing Masterclass. We took our guests on a journey of spics, sharing our knowledge of how to use spices in modern day cooking.

 The Chai Room at your event

 We love sharing our chai with people and hearing people's personal chai stories. Our Masterclass sold out twice over which is testament of how many of us share the same passion for this warm, spicy beverage.
Please get in touch by emailing to register your interest in our next Masterclass.
At The Chai Room we believe that life should be seen through a chai-lens. We do our best to spread a little chai-ness wherever we go.
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