Iced Lemon Myrtle Native Chai


As we head into Summer it's lovely to enjoy your chai iced. Extra refreshing on those hot days and you're still giving your body those nourishing spices.

As simple as it is delicious, here's my never-fails recipe for the perfect iced chai at home.


Step One

Lemon Myrtle Ice Chai Step by step

Grab your Chai Room Infuser and pop it into a large heat proof glass with 2 teaspoons of Lemon Myrtle Native Chai.


Step Two

Making Iced Chai

Pour just under-boiled water into your glass. Soak in that delicious aroma! The Native Lemon Myrtle has such a softly sweet taste and fragrance to match.


Step Three

Mixing the iced chai

You'll want to give your chai a good mix, really helps those delicious flavours release - yum! No need for added sweeteners as our delicious blend is infused with our gorgeous coconut nectar which adds a blissful low sugar sweetness.


Step Four

The Chai Room infuser working it's magic

Allow your chai to steep for a few minutes.


Step Five

The Chai Room Iced Chai Recipe

Now you're ready to remove The Chai Room Infuser and pop your delicious chai in the fridge to cool.

Or, if you're impatient like me, pour your drink directly over ice and enjoy now!

Absolutely scrummy. Please share your Lemon Myrtle Iced Chai pics, I'd love to see you enjoying a little me time.

Need to top up your chai? Lemon Myrtle Native Chai is available here and our custom made Chai Room Infusers are here.


Fatema X



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