A Delivery Of Happy

At The Chai Room we are truly thankful to work with various carefully selected businesses who feature our chai in their gift boxes. We embrace this beautiful way to introduce our chai to a new audience and we are lucky that each of these gift curator businesses are as passionate about our chai as we are!
One such lady is Amber who is the creative mind behind 'Delivery Of Happy'. We caught up with Amber recently to find out more about her and the business.
So Amber, please tell us about Delivery of Happy?
Delivery of Happy is a gift option for people wanting to send someone a little something to brighten their day.
Our pockets of Happy are a bag filled with items to give the recipient a few minutes of time to themselves, let them know that they are seen, and that they are loved.
How did you get the idea for Delivery Of Happy? 
I was at a [very exhausted] period of soloparenting with a side of medical concerns, and I had said to a friend that I just wished someone could bring me a bag of happy!
After that D&M, it set an idea in my mind that with my own story, there are obviously others that would experience this same feeling at some point. My mind is constantly 57 tabs open, and from there I set about creating *that* bag of happy. I wanted to be able to provide as much happiness as I could to the giftee, with a focus on sustainability for each person involved in the process.
What's been your best selling pack so far?
Definitely the Pocket of Happy! This gem is only $25, but packs a bunch of goodies within. The Pocket of Happy has been created to give 15 minutes to yourself. We all know that you can't pour from an empty cup, and the Pocket contents help you refresh, regroup and return to your world feeling a little brighter.
You feature some amazing small businesses in your pack, The Chai Room included, how do you go about finding them?
Yes, I love supporting small business in every day life, and then being able to bring my own business to this pocket of the world provided a gateway to maximise that opportunity for fellow businessfolk! I have come across so many awesome businesses online via facebook business groups, instagram, and also at markets.
How do you manage your time between the business and family - any tips and tricks for us?
Oh boy - this is a tricky one! Ha! I work full time and my husband is a police officer, so I often have to roll with time availability. Time blocking is my biggest tip. Each weekend there are 4 hours dedicated to working on my business. During the week I try to ensure that there are at least 2 lunchtimes that I can touch base with my business mentoring group online. Outside this, I will give myself a little bit of time in each day to "work my scrolling finger" and check in and connect with other businesses and mums online.
Tell us your favourite way to unwind and take some time out for yourself?
When our youngest was 8 months old I experienced burnout.
Ever since then I have made sure that I give myself at least 10 minutes in every week to myself - funnily enough, I really enjoy my drive to and from work as I can listen to podcasts, sing [albeit terribly..] at the top of my lungs, or sit in silence.
We are currently in lockdown due to CoVid-19, so right now I make sure that every day, I sit to drink a cup of tea or coffee without my phone or laptop, and I focus on me for a few minutes every few days. While I still don't get to shower alone, I will ensure that I wash my hair, and use a body scrub, and yes, this means I often have to share that joy with little hands but I'm also teaching him the importance of looking after yourself.
Outside this, I love, love to walk, and I love it even more if it's in the bush, or along our waterfront in Geelong!
Thank you Amber for taking the time to chat! In case you missed it, you can watch the replay of Fatema's live chat with Amber here: YouTube
If you'd like to learn more about Delivery Of Happy please visit the website https://www.deliveryofhappy.com.au/