A Traditional Indian Wedding Event with Chai

What a way to welcome Spring with a joyous wedding event!

The sunshine accompanied us to a traditional Indian wedding last week at the stunning venue Sergeants Mess, overlooking beautiful Chowder Bay in Sydney.

Sergeants Mess Wedding


It was a joy to be a part of a memorable day and to create The Chai Room Chai station as a thank-you gift for the bride's mother. The happy couple selected our Saffron Cardamom & Rose Chai to serve to their guests.


This beautiful, fragrant chai (tea) blend was the perfect choice for their wedding day as the fragrant aroma of spices wafted through the air whilst the Mandap ceremony was being performed.



So lovely, as always, to work with the fantastic Maharani Diaries.


Please get in touch if you'd like to wow your guests at your next event with delicious, nourishing chai with The Chai Room chai bar.

Email Fatema at fatema@thechairoom.com