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We're still pretty stoked about the launch of the SuperChai range in AboutLife. Have you spotted them yet? Grab one and ‘gram it @thechairoom, #superchai!!

So what else is new…? Well, based on your feedback we are working hard at creating another beverage to add to our range.

***Watch this space***. We can promise it will be organic and delicious just like the rest of our range.

Product feature: Beetroot SuperChai

Beach days are upon us and there is an extra incentive to hit the gym so you can get back into that pair of bathers confident in your healthy self. This is where a cold bottle of beetroot SuperChai comes in handy.

Beetroot contains nitrates which dilate your blood vessels and promote circulation, increasing your endurance during exercise. It is also incredibly hydrating, and helps replenish your electrolytes post workout. With the perfect balance of protein and carbs, beetroot SuperChai creates sustained energy and promotes muscle recovery. Plus there is no need put off by the colour or the fact it contains a root vegetable, beetroot SuperChai has a creamy, subtle and delicious taste. We guess you will have to try and see!

We should also mention beetroot SuperChai is vegan, dairy free, and contains absolutely no added refined sugars or preservatives?

Did you know All of our products are unhomogenised, to keep them as pure and untainted as possible. This means natural sediment will form from the cashew nuts when the SuperChai has been sitting still for a while. Simply shake before consuming to restore the smooth texture.

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