Being Kind to Yourself

Hello …..

How are you? I hope you have managed to take some time to yourself this summer.


There were so many disappointments with not being able to connect with family and dear friends across the borders.


In response to those thoughts, I have been looking at ways to sit with those feelings.

So, this summer break I discovered how to mediate more effectively.

I must admit I am someone who does need help and guidance as my mind tends to wonder in a million different directions!


A friend suggested this guided meditation by Headspace. I have found it very useful and even if I only manage 10 minutes a day, I can say that being ‘kind to my mind’ has improved my overall feeling of well-being.


Let’s use this month as another excuse to celebrate connecting with those close and far. I always feel great having reconnected with someone I haven’t been in touch with for a while.


My memories of connecting with family and friends were always celebrated with food and chai, Indian sweets were soaked in pure saffron, cardamom and rose flavours which also carried through to my mum’s signature biriyani dish.


For this month we are excited to tell you we have limited availability of our popular Saffron Cardamom Rose chai! I know some of you have been waiting to get your hands on some & here's your chance. Plus, with very order for February we will send a free gift card and chai room tea ball. No code needed. Order yours here.


Here's to a new month, and connecting however we can.

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