International Womens Day 2022

This week has been a whirlwind, just like the weather. Rain, floods shine, wind.

I genuinely hope you and your family are doing okay and have not been adversely affected.

I am writing to you all because you are part of the chai community, and we hope that our blends can give you some respite in your day.

If you know anyone you think would benefit from a cup of comfort, please email me by Friday the 17th of March, and we will arrange a complimentary care package for them.

This week has also marked the annual event of International Women’s week.

#BreakTheBias has been the theme. However, I can’t stop thinking of Bob Dylan and his song ‘Blowing in wind’ and not because of the weather!

It came to me when I was making a cuppa chai. The steam was rising. There seemed to be an unseen force that was blowing the smoke in different directions.

And yes, I thought of myself as I always do during my teatime! 

Lately, though, I feel like I am being blown in different directions, not just with the logistics of everyday life but in my thoughts/ideas and feeling pressures and constraints that somehow work against my gut instincts. Perhaps this goes hand in hand with growing children who constantly challenge how we think and feel.

However, when I look around me and see my peers being brave every day, this gives me courage.

I am seeing brave women who are incredible role models to their children even though their personal lives are crumbling; a close relative who has recently lost her sight yet still can be generous, loving, and grateful for the health she has.

I have also met women who have lost husbands but can still be a pillar of strength for others.

I could go on. I am sure you too can think of someone that is inspiring and not because they shout it from the rooftops but because they carry all their strengths and weaknesses with dignity.

Have a cup of chai, listen to some music and sway like the steam over your cup. If you'd like to sway along with me, head to Instagram and watch my latest reel.

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