Is it ever too hot for chai?

For me, the answer is a firm 'no!" We recently asked members of our Chai Room Collective community what happens to their chai ritual over the warmer months and happily they all agreed that their chai habits remain the same year-round! 

I was raised drinking chai - both hot and iced, in all weather, so for me the only thing which changes is the blends that I drink. Over winter I drink more Turmeric & Raw Honey than in the warmer months. As the temperature starts to warm up I find now I am more drawn towards our native blends; Rosemary & Fennel, green tea and Strawberry gum chai, the smooth exotic Saffron cardamom rose chai, our popular native Lemon Myrtle chai and of course the Original.

I tend to mix it up and have them iced or hot. If you've never made an iced chai we have a fantastic 'how to' video over on Instagram.

In the mornings I also find I am really enjoying our beautiful light and refreshing Strawberry Gum Leaf Chai, this venture into partnering with  Australian growers of green tea has been wonderful and I am thrilled with the feedback from our chai community on this blend.

For those wondering about the science behind drinking hot drinks in warm weather we found this interesting article on ABC: "Can a hot drink keep you cool in warm weather?"

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