It's time to say no to tea-bags! (and yes to loose-leaf tea)

bees wax wraps keep cup and chai

By now we've all heard of the ABC’s recent television documentary series ‘War on Waste’.  If not, we recommend you check it out on iView.  It's fascinating, and at times pretty scary viewing.

We've also learned that Australia is currently ranked 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world.  Not something to be proud of.  😬  

And those nasty disposable coffee cups......

Equally disappointing is that in Australia we use a staggering 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year!  And as presenter Craig Reucassel reveals in the series, despite popular belief those coffee cups are NOT recyclable.

While they look and feel like cardboard, the cups have a thin plastic film that lines the inside which stops all the moisture leaking through.

So where do these 1 billion disposable cups end up if they can’t be recycled?  Thats right....landfill. 👎

So what about tea-bags?

In our last blog Start your 3 cup a day habit (you’ll be doing your mind and body a favour) we told you that apart from water, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world!

And who are we to argue- tea is soothing, nutritious and nourishing.  We love our tea! 😘

Sadly though, like takeaway coffee cups, tea-bags can also contain a polypropylene coating- which means they won’t break down completely in your compost.

That’s why The Chai Room has taken a more sustainable approach. We sell a range of loose-leaf tea options, such as our Turmeric and Raw Honey Chai, our Ginger Masala blend, our vegan Turmeric and Coconut Nectar Chai  and our signature Original Masala blend.

Not only are you getting amazing health benefits from these loose-leaf teas, you'll also make a more environmentally friendly choice by avoiding those nasty plastics.  #SayNoToTeaBags

And did you know that loose-leaf black tea does wonders for your garden? 🌸 The tea leaves increase soil drainage,  and it gradually adds nutrients to the soil to produce very healthy and happy plants, as well as fat, healthy earthworms.

You can work the tea leaves into the soil or place the tea leaves on top and use it like a mulch- so there is another great reason to enjoy a cup of our chai tea. Compost your tea leaves and your garden will thank you. 💙

What can YOU do to make a difference?

  • Use re-usable coffee cups- some cafes even offer a 30-50c discount if you provide your own cup #keepcup
  • Swap to loose-leaf tea instead of tea-bags - it’s just as quick and easy to make and is way more environmentally friendly;
  • Get the word out there and tell your friends and family to make the switch to more sustainable options

To view our range of loose-leaf tea options, click here and head over to our new online store now.

Our chai tea blends at The Chai Room are made from the highest quality ingredients. I promise you won't be disappointed. ☕️

And come on Australia, as a nation, we can all do a little better.