New Year's Resolutions

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?

Are they broken already?

According to a recent survey published on Inc, 71% of people pledge to eat healthier, 13% to spend more time with family & friends and 15% to drink less alcohol.

We think chai is the answer to a lot of your resolutions.

  • Eat healthier. Anyone made this resolution? I know it's been mine quite a few times over the years. Well, a simple introduction of cup of chai to your daily routine can help. Hand blended, we make small batches to ensure freshness & maximum nutritional value. Our chai can assist with inflammation, arthritis, digestion, stress, balancing hormones and help to reduce bloating!
  • More family time. What I love about chai is sitting and enjoying it with friends and family, gathering around and sharing our stories from the day. Equally, I also love enjoying a cup in solitude - a snippet of 'me time' carved out in a busy day is vital for us all.
  • Drink less alcohol? Easy. Have a chai instead!

Whatever your resolutions are good luck! The same survey determined that only around 8% of people are successful in achieving them.