Spice Island, goin' back to 'ma roots'

I'm just a few days into our trip to Tanzania, and feeling so inspired and rejuvenated already.

Timed to coincide with my Mother's 80th Birthday celebrations, this trip has taken my family and I back to this beautifulpart of the world where so much of my 'Chai Room' inspiration comes from.

My Mother was born in Zanzibar (known as 'Spice Island') and I have the most vibrant memories of time spent exploring this beautiful area.


Aside from drinking from fresh Coconuts, known as Madaaf, from wonderful street vendors, we have been enjoying our daily Chai ritual. At 4pm every day (yes, even in the 30oC heat), we all sit around the table to enjoy fresh hot chai with a typical East African speciality 'madazi' - made fresh & served straight from the box!


The vibrant colours and scents awaken so many memories for me, and of course the time with family is something I am immensely thankful for. 

I'm looking forwward to sharing more of our time here so please keep a look out on The Chai Room's socials for more pics of our adventure, and rest assured the Chai Room is in extremely safe hands whilst I am away. 

All orders will be processed as normal so don't hesitate to top up your chai or grab some Holiday season gifts via the website!

Fatema X



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