Spring is in the air

Welcome to the spanking new website of The Chai Room. We are so glad you found us!

Spring has sprung, and the Sydney is turning aromatic with budding flowers.


Now it’s time to renew, refresh and recharge in the sunshine, and to nourish your body after those long winter months.

Did you see us at the Sydney Tea Festival at Carriageworks? What a venue, what a day!!

At the Tea Festival this year, we launched the exciting new SuperChai range, our delicious organic cashew-nut milk chai ‘wellness lattes’.

Sooo much positive feedback received from the hordes of tea connoisseurs - we were overwhelmed with the love.

As promised, you can now order these velvety smooth bottles of goodness online, in packs of 6 of your favourite flavour.

What’s your pick of the bunch? Energising beetroot? Healing turmeric and honey? Or is it the revitalising carob? Don’t worry, if you have a hard time choosing between them, completely understandable, we do have a ‘mixed bag’ option.

Also check out our stockists to see which café you can hit up in the inner west to SuperChai your day… Remember you can ask for them to be served either HOT, as a smooth and warming latte or COLD, as a refreshing energy boost. It’s up to you!

Meet the nutritionist

The health properties of drinking chai have been recognized for thousands of years, but to ‘nut’ out the benefits of the new concept of SuperChai we welcomed to our team a friendly nutritionist.

Meet Laurissa.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Nutrition, Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (current).

Laurissa has extensively researched the nutritional profile of the SuperChai range in the literature and written up answers to your burning questions, plus is happy to answer any others that you may have. Check out also a summary of the key reasons why you should include SuperChai as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Did you know that the beetroot in the ‘energising beetroot SuperChai’, contains a compound called betaine - a liver detoxifier which acts by increasing the activity of phase II enzymes. Beetroot is also a great source of folate, as well as nitrates, which promote circulation and endurance during exercise.

If you are keen for more nutrition facts and tidbits about the SuperChai range, keep up to date with our gorgeous Instagram feed @thechairoom_sydney.

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