The Chai Room features in Sprout magazine

The Chai Room was thrilled to recently get the opportunity to be featured in Sprout magazine, the definitive guide to local food, producers and cuisine in New South Wales. The Chai Room was listed as a top new product for readers to get their hands on, the text highlighting the all-natural, locally sourced ingredients that go into making our chai so delicious.

For those of you who don’t read the magazine, it’s a veritable treasure trove of advice and information on the best places to get great local food. It also highlights the producers that are committed to sustainability, making tastier produce that is better for the world and better for your body.

A recent article that obviously piqued our interest was Time for Tea (, which delved into the national tea industry – did you know 90% of Australian tea is imported? There are lots of other tea-related articles in the Winter2015 issue – we recommend it for those who share our enthusiasm for the brilliant brew!

Check out the magazine and the mention of The Chai Room to remind yourself that a cup of chai is not only good to you inside and out, it’s also a top choice for those who want to support the local industry – win win!

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