Start your 3 cup-a-day habit (you'll be doing your mind and body a favour)

Did you know that apart from water, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world? That means a lot of people drink a lot of tea!

The health benefits associated with tea consumption are beyond question.

Many factors contributing to the nutritional value of tea are the same ingredients which give tea its delicious flavour and aroma – the Chai mix spices of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, star anise, cloves and of course, turmeric.

Any way you look at it, tea is tasty, good for you, and a healthier alternative to most beverages.

Health conscious consumers can turn to tea in a variety of forms –  loose-leaf, single-serve options, shake-and-go products, ready-to-drink teas, and cold brews – all of which make it easy to enjoy tea’s health benefits and powerful antioxidants.

Try to drink at least two, or better still three, cups of tea a day!  

At The Chai Room we’d like you to get that amount of tea into your daily routine – and Chai should definitely be part of everyone’s daily ritual if they are working toward optimal health and wellness.

Here are our tips to get those 3 cups a day into your routine.

1. Start your morning with a daily tea ritual

First thing in the morning is the best time of day for your body to absorb tea’s benefits.

Even if you need to grab a coffee a little later, you’re doing yourself a favour if you’re waking your cells with tea polyphenols. Try our Ginger Masala Chai blend, our signature Chai, with an uplifting ‘kick’ start the day.

2. Develop an afternoon tea time habit

The afternoon tea break helps with any drop in energy after a busy stressful day.  The Indian spices contained in our Masala Chai  mix help facilitate energy production within the body.

The spices are a natural and healthy stimulant and help prevent that afternoon energy slump. Our Original Masala blend is perfect for this time of day.

3. Try an evening brew to wind down

Have your final tea half an hour before you go to bed, preferably in your pyjamas. This cup is an ideal way to unwind before you hit the pillow.

Try our Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai.  This cup is an ideal way to unwind before you hit the pillow. The latest research shows that turmeric is not only a terrific anti-inflammatory, it is also a powerful weapon against depression and anxiety.

Tea has the potential to improve your health significantly. It doesn’t involve changing your entire diet, and it doesn’t require you to join a gym or run a marathon.

If you’re new to tea, start slowly, choose a time for one cup of tea per day.  Experiment and experience how each cup makes you feel and build from there. I guarantee that you will be doing your mind and body a favour.

Remember your daily cup of chai can be as simple as 1 2 3 All you need is: 1) a tea diffuser, 2) boiling water and 3) a dash of milk – if you desire.

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