Taking Time - A Yoga Retreat

I often convince myself that I don’t have time to look after myself, well, not properly anyway.

Maybe I will squeeze in a quick exercise class, followed by a full day of making deliveries, thinking about dinner, and business planning. And then I crash.


A few weeks ago, I took myself to a yoga retreat which I have previously done from time to time and have always felt fully immersed and refreshed. 

Looking up felt vital to me that weekend. I just wanted to lift myself into the clear blue sky. And sit on top of the palm trees.

My trusty cuppa chai was with me the whole weekend and, as a good friend would do, nudging me every so often, saying see..? not so hard, is it?


So, from me to you, let this be your gentle nudge.. it’s cold, it’s been a tough year, and you need to recharge every so often.