When a Chai customer also becomes a friend.....

I love that feeling when Chai arrives in my belly and it feels lovely and warm but it also has a real purpose and a mission.❤️

Apart from all the wonderful flavours from the collection of herbs and spices, which have their own superpowers, Chai tea helps to fight the battle for our health on numerous fronts.
It improves immunity; fights inflammation; slows ageing; and enhances cardiovascular functioning.

Black tea is known for its strong antioxidant properties. Spices like clove also help lower the amount of bad cholesterol and improve the amount of good cholesterol. The tannins in tea are also known to help regulate heart rate and blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.
Ginger and turmeric are full of anti-inflammatory properties, ginger improves digestion, and cinnamon is known to keep the mind sharp and prevent the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s. 
I could wax lyrical for hours about all the health benefits of Chai tea! 🙄 
But I won’t.
Instead, I’d like to share my customer Natalie’s story with you because not only does she LOVE our Chai, but her story has really inspired me personally.  Natalie’s story involves health and fitness for a great cause, which also fits very nicely with the health benefits of drinking Chai tea.
How did I meet Natalie?
I first encountered Natalie a couple of years ago at The Pyrmont Growers Market on a Saturday morning and we got talking about Chai and yoga – Chai is a mainstay in yoga communities around the world and Australia is no exception.
Natalie loves her Yoga and teaches it (as a volunteer) to people living with, and recovering from cancer.  We got talking and a friendship was forged over a cup of Turmeric and Honey Masala Chai.
What is Natalie’s passion (apart from Chai, of course 😉):
Natalie is a mum, and also an avid trail runner and women’s endurance trekking coach.  She recently participated in a 3 day charity challenge called Trails for Change (T4C) running 100kms along a wonderful Aussie icon, the Great Ocean Road.
T4C supports a charity called MedEarth - which takes medical equipment destined for landfill in Australia, and ships it off to developing countries who need it to save lives. The equipment still works perfectly and the simple process of RECOVER, REPURPOSE and REDISTRIBUTE promotes a healthier planet and healthier communities.👍👍👍
It’s a win win.   Medearth saves lives AND saves waste. 😊  What an awesome charity.
Natalie described participating in the T4C challenge as “absolutely incredible.” She totally loved all of it.
Her highlights included jumping in the ocean with all her clothes on to cool off after a hot days run; seeing kangaroos in their natural habit; and watching a koala with her baby joey up close.  They were all big bucket-list ticks for Natalie, and probably would be for all of us, especially those of us who are city-folk. 
Natalie also loved meeting the other committed people doing T4C and she has made 16 lifelong friends after sharing that amazing, and very challenging, experience.
She can’t wait to do the next T4C challenge later in the year.
I asked Natalie how she likes to drink her Chai?

Here is what Natalie said:

“I have always loved drinking Chai - especially the original Masala Chai from The Chai Room! I really appreciate a cuppa after picking up the kids from school in the afternoon, and catching up with them over a pot of Chai and something to eat.
I’m especially looking forward to trying Fatema’s new Rooibos Chai since it has no caffeine in it. I love my Chai with full cream milk or if my vegan daughter is sharing a pot with me then it’s with soy milk!
A dash of cinnamon on top of the freshly poured cup is rather yummy too!”

(Nice one Natalie - I totally agree!)

Does Natalie want to share anything else with us?

Yes – she does:

“The next Trails For Change event will be held in Victoria over the weekend of the 16th November 2018. We would REALLY love to get the number of participants up to 30. You don’t have to run it – its ok to walk it too.  Anyone can support the cause and if you are a woman who lives in Sydney, I can even help you train for it!

So if you would like to see some amazing Australian countryside, and keep fit, while also raising money for a fab charity, think about it!  And bring a friend!

I’d also like to thank Fatema and The Chai Room for donating a basket of Chai goodies for auction at the MedEarth Fundraiser night.  The auction helped us to achieve our fundraising goal.”

 (Hey thanks Natalie! It was my pleasure!)
If you’d like to contact Natalie about participating in the next Trails for Change event, or support MedEarth in some other way, please drop me a line and I’ll connect you.  Natalie has mentioned there is an information night scheduled for May (date TBC).

And finally, remember to shop at our online store if you also need to top up your Chai supplies and enjoy a daily dose of ‘bliss in a teacup’.  If you haven’t tried our new blends, Saffron Cardamom Rose Chai and Rooibos and Raw Honey Masala give them a whirl. 

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