Testimonials | Love for The Chai Room Tea Blends



Love, love the Chai!! My son and I have been enjoying this luxury and it’s just like how mum use to make it! :) A must!

Rina Banda, Original Masala Blend




The original and the best. It is great added to carob or chocolate nut milk to make a grown up iced chocolate-outstanding

Leandra, Original Masala Blend



Delicious! This is the first masala chai I have purchased in Australia that uses a quality, full-flavoured, strong black tea as the base ingredient.

Many don’t, they rely on the spices for the flavour and I’m often disappointed, but not this time. The spice blend is well balanced with beautiful flavours. I’ve also made iced tea from my brew, really refreshing.

Philippe, Ginger Masala Blend




This is a wonderful Chai and especially in the afternoon. So refreshing and appealing. Perfect for spring time

Ingrid, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai



Loved this Chai! Will definitely be buying more.

Monika Karapetyan, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai




I think this is my favourite! There aren’t many chai teas out there with this fantastic combination. Turmeric and Honey… I just love it. It’s my daily treat. And I keep making it for all my tea-drinking friends, who also love it.

Denise Beecroft, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai




 This is absolutely delicious. It is sweet and light and totally invigorating.

Stephen Collier, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai



It not only tastes great, it is soothing on a sore throat-perfect for these cooler months

Leandra, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai





Loved this chai. A nice refreshing drink for the afternoon. Would love to try the other flavours too.

Yvette, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai



I love this chai. I keep buying jars of it and then giving it to friends who also love it.

It’s great to drink all the time but was particularly fantastic when I had a bad cold and sore throat.

Monica, Turmeric & Raw Honey Chai



I was surprised that I could simply add boiling water and infuse a couple of minutes to get such a stunning flavor! I didn’t realize chai was this easy. Love the flavor combination of turmeric and coconut. My new afternoon drink. Thank you!

Suzana, Turmeric & Coconut Nectar Chai