Like all great loves, my love of chai began when I was a child.

The smell of chai brewed by my mother meant comfort and company to me. Drinking chai meant sharing a moment with important people and easing the stresses of the day. Our guests would be seated in the formal ‘chai room’ while my sister and I served up hot spicy chai in mum’s best Royal Albert porcelain teacups!


When I moved to Sydney from the UK in 2008, I started brewing chai as a connection to home. Re-connecting with how amazing and full of goodness this drink was, I was inspired to start sharing this cup of amazing fragrant spicy tea with others. The product of that dream: The Chai Room.


Growing up, my mother would always cook using fresh raw ingredients. It is from her that I learnt the art of how to hand dry and make my own spices, a technique that has been inherited by The Chai Room and we still use for our Chai room ginger masala blend.


We first set up at the markets in Sydney and sold fresh hot spicy chai out of big pots. We made some great connections over brewing big vats of chai from our fresh blends. We had an amazing response and fell in love with being out there talking to people and sharing experiences of first sips of chai.


From the great support of our customers, we decided to venture out and start selling into cafes. The response was incredible. We were so happy that people wanted to share our passion for chai! We love talking to people when we do tastings at the cafes and stores that we sell at; it is by far one of the best parts of the job!


The next exciting step for The Chai Room is to gain 5-star accreditation with The George Institute for Global Health. Creating chai that is full of nutritious value to fuel our bodies and minds is our real passion. Only the best ingredients make it into our chai! We want our chai’s to not only taste amazing but to be super healthy as well.


The chai room is also a member of the Australasian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA), which was a proud moment for us. Knowing the chai blends meet the high quality standards of the association was and continues to be, extremely important.


It is exciting to be part of bringing a vibrant tea culture to Australia, a drink and ritual that has been an important part of my Indian and British upbringing. I would love for the chai ritual to become a part of daily life, to be able to take a break from our busy lives and look after our wellbeing inside and out.


We all want to know that we are doing the best for our body and mind and as a mother I know how important it is to stay healthy so I can be there for my children. Chai is my way to take a sneaky few minutes to myself to get lost in the intoxicating aroma, to symbolically reconnect with my family back home and to know that I am doing something great for my body.


It’s always the simple and pure things in life that are the best. The Chai Room is all about creating healthy, fragrant and re-energising chai for people to enjoy and share with those they love. Health and happiness comes from the inside and the out and it’s this philosophy we want to bring to the world and to pass on to the next generation.


To connect with us and discover more about The Chai Room, our vision and our love of all things chai, get in touch with me at I look forward to chatting with you…maybe even over a cup of beautiful chai.