Saffron Cardamom & Rose Blend


We have selected the finest full leaf Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam and Yunnan premium single estate leaf teas. This makes a perfect refreshing cup which is elevated by the worlds finest spices.

Our saffron is A grade quality and is sourced directly from the farm which owns the whole process from bud to harvesting to packing.

Saffron can help in relieving inflammation in the joints, it also promotes healthy digestion. 

As a young child my mother would brew saffron, turmeric and honey 'Dhood' (milk) as a soothing drink before bed. 

This perfect balance of Organic Saffron, Organic Rose petals and Cardamom. adds an exotic tone to the smooth balanced hand selected teas with lingering notes of chocolate and honey.

  •   Single Estate Tea

    Assam: Our Single estate and sustainably farmed Assam black tea is one of the heartiest, most robust teas available. The curled deep brown leaves brew a rich full-bodied cup, bringing to mind rich earth, with a slight chocolaty note and a natural sweetness. In combo with the Ceylon Kenilworth black tea and our premium and organic spices, you are assured the most satisfying cuppa chai.

    Ceylon Kenilworth Tea: Our single estate and sustainably sourced Ceylon black tea from is from the Dimbulah district in Sr Lanka. It is smooth yet brisk and refreshing. The Kenilworth estate is known to produce full bodied teas which are also rich and creamy in character. In combination with our premium and organic spices and our single estate Assam, this robust number will ensure the most satisfying cuppa chai.

    Premium English breakfast blend: This Sustainably sourced Blend of finest seasonal has a single estate origin which means that each tea is of the highest quality, This combination of our full leaf Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam and Yunnan premium leaf teas ensures that the flavour is smooth, balanced yet robust.

      Organic Rose petals

    Organic Rose Petals vave a subtle flavour that adds a light aroma and gentle sweetness to the tea

    Health Benefits: Contains antioxidants and Vitamin C, can ease cramps and aid digestion.

      Organic Grade A Saffron

    The most expensive spice in the world! It adds a fresh and fragrant semi-sweet, hay like character to the tea. 

    Health Benefits: it reduces inflammation, aids digestion, boosts circulation, antidepressant, full of antioxidants. (Sourced from Iran from Saffron Only) (Native to Southwest Asia) 


    One of my favourite spices! that adds complexity and slightly floral, herbal and spicy notes to the tea. It's the second most expensive spice in the world. 

    Its health benefits are anti-inflammatory qualities, improving circulation, protection of heart health and helps with nausea. (Native to India)


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