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Turmeric & Coconut Nectar Chai



Our award winning Organic Turmeric and Coconut Nectar Chai contains all the beautiful benefits of turmeric and specially selected spices. We have developed this keeping in mind the wonderful balance of flavour and  health benefits, including aiding digestion and reducing stress.

Suitable for vegans.

  • Hand blended, we make small batches to ensure freshness and maximum nutrient value with every product. Our chai can assist with inflammation, arthritis, digestion, stress, balancing hormones and to help reduce bloating.

    Our blend of organic and premium ingredients mean no nasties, pesticides, artificial flavours or colours. Our organic Coconut Nectar Chai is 100% vegan. Hand dried organic turmeric, organic spices, selected premium spices.

    This delightful tea is great to have without any milk, first thing in the morning as a wonderful way to awaken your bodily senses. However adding a dash of milk is like having a warm hug!

    We recommend one teaspoon per person, steeped in boiled water for 3-5 mins.

  •   Organic Coconut Nectar

    Made from the sap of the coconut blossom, it has a similar appearance to molasses or golden syrup. It adds a lovely mild sweetness. 

    Health Benefits: it is low g.i, full of amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is high in prebiotic fibre that aids digestion. (From Sri Lanka) 

      Single Estate Black Tea

    Our Single estate and sustainably farmed Assam black tea is one of the heartiest, most robust teas available. The curled deep brown leaves brew a rich full-bodied cup, bringing to mind rich earth, with a slight chocolaty note and a natural sweetness. In combo with the Ceylon Kenilworth black tea and our premium and organic spices, you are assured the most satisfying cuppa chai.


    This rich spice adds an aromatic sweetness and warmth to the tea.

    Health Benefits: it has antibacterial properties, can aid in relieving arthritis, colds and flu, boost brain function and increase circulation. (Native to Sri Lanka) 

      Organic Ginger

    Adds an earthy, warm and slightly spicy flavour to the tea. 

    Health Benefits: helps digestion and aids in treating nausea and cold and flu. (Originates in China & India) 


    One of my favourite spices! that adds complexity and slightly floral, herbal and spicy notes to the tea. It's the second most expensive spice in the world. 

    Its health benefits are anti-inflammatory qualities, improving circulation, protection of heart health and helps with nausea. (Native to India)

      Black Pepper

    A common spice which brings a hint of spice and helps bring the natural aromas of the other spices.


    An intense flavour that adds warmth, sweetness and spice to the tea.

    It's many health benefits include: aiding digestion, boosts immunity and is an effective treatment for gum disease, pain and headaches. (Native to Indonesia) 

      Organic Turmeric

    It has a mild flavour, which is pungent and bitter. It adds a lovely warm yellow hue to the tea as well as many health benefits.

    It decreases inflammation, assists the body to absorb antioxidants, improves skin health and helps accelerate the metabolism. (Native to India)  

      Organic Carob

    It is pure and raw and 100% natural. Carob has a full bodied taste that adds a delicate sweetness to the tea. (sourced from South Australia)

    Health Benefits: high in fibre, full of antioxidants and vitamins. 

      Star Anise

    It has a distinct aniseed flavour that adds richness and a subtle sweetness to the tea.

    Health Benefits: Aids in relieving nausea and helps to treat cold and flu. (Native to China)

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