10 reasons to love cashew nut milk

Our SuperChai only uses all-natural cashew nut milk – that means it's made of nuts and nothing else. It’s perfect for people who avoid dairy and ideal for everyone as a source of nutrients. Oh and it's wonderfully tasty too!

Here are some of the reasons we should all love cashew nut milk:

  1. Cashew nuts are full of antioxidants that are linked to good heart health, with regular consumption helping to reduce chance of heart attacks. Cashews are cholesterol-free too!
  2. Magnesium can be found within cashews, and magnesium is super for your bones. It also helps balance calcium levels to help muscle and nerve tone, and can help lower blood pressure.
  3. Contrary to diet fears, nuts can help you lose weight because they fill you up and stop you snacking or over-eating.
  4. There are lots of vitamins and minerals in cashew nuts which can serve to help lots of different functions and parts of your body, e.g. copper is good for hair!
  5. Cashew nuts can help control blood sugar and so reduce the risk of diabetes.
  6. Scientists have suggested that cashew nuts have antioxidants that are seen as ‘anticancer agents’, helping to reduce the risk of cancer.
  7. They are high in healthy fats so a better way to ensure you get good fats into your body.
  8. A study has shown that eating cashew nuts can reduce your risk of gallstones.
  9. Cashew nuts are energizing, providing a healthy pick-up when you need it and enabling you to achieve more in your busy days!
  10. Cashew nuts, and cashew nut milk, are delicious. The perfect treat for mind and body.

Just remember, the cashew nut milk tends to separate when the SuperChai bottle has been standing still for a while. It's still perfectly safe to drink – simply shake the bottle before you consume it.

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