Masala chai with or without milk?

Chai without milk? (really??)

What are the benefits?

Reduces calories and fat content, as well as relief from lactose intolerance symptoms.

AND you can have it HOT or COLD!


I have been on the road, serving chai to the community in  stores across Sydney, I have had met amazing people and gained great feedback from the chai drinking community.


So as a die-hard chai consumer, I drink chai with milk,

BUT I keep getting asked;

Can you have chai without milk? The answer is YES!


After my initial shock and listening to you all and trying it out for myself a few times, I like it!

VERDICT: Refreshing, flavoursome, HOT or COLD.

You can taste the spices in a unique way that can sometimes be altered with milk.

The beautiful part is that you don’t have to use as much chai AND it takes LESS time!


1 scoop of chai into an infuser in a mug

Add 200ml boiled water

Steep for a minimum of 30 seconds

BEWARE: Longer makes it stronger!

(This is due to the *tannins found in tea which occur naturally  in the tea leaves; however, the more premium quality tea leaves will lessen the bitterness after taste (like ours😊

Remove the infuser, keep aside on the tray (for that second cup 😉)

And voila! Chai without milk

Our tea is sourced, and taste tested by our stringent quality control team! We only choose premium tea leaves that are balanced, easy to brew and a few hundred cuts above your average tea bag tea!! 

So, sit back and experiment with our range, here are a few suggestions to get you started.. get ready to drooooool…

Saffron cardamom rose will give you a heady, euphoric, sweet grassy mellow mouth feel,

Caffeine free Rooibos chai will take you to the clouds with warm honey and citrusy notes, finished off with soft spice undertones left on your palette.

Roasted wattle seed and carob... To die for! The smooth velvety *chocolatey taste will indulge your sweet cravings, 100% guilt free. *(Almost chocolate!)

Lemon Myrtle: A softly spiced meringue kiss is how I describe our Native myrtle chai.. This one is SOOO unexpected, Present are soft notes of creamy lemon and gentle spice and a hint of coconut nectar.. !

I would love to hear from you, tell me how you get on!


*Tannins are a group of compounds found in tea. They are known for their distinct flavor and interesting chemical properties and may also provide health benefits (2Trusted Source ).

Carob is high in protein, contain essential vitamins and are a healthy alternative to most snack foods and chocolate!