Health benefits of chai tea - for all seasons

Did you know that drinking chai can help you on a hot day? It is true that drinking a hot drink on a warm day can actually make you feel cooler!

As tea lovers, we know the pleasure of drinking a good tea can be almost a ‘zen-like’ experience. After all, it is still the second most popular drink in the world, right after water.

And while almost nothing beats the pure pleasure of wrapping your hands around a warm cup of tea on a cold day, did you know that drinking hot beverages on a sweltering day actually helps your body work to cool itself off?

The idea of drinking hot drinks in warm weather goes back hundreds of years. In fact, chai tea is one of the most popular drinks in India, and a New Delhi summer can hit 47 degrees!. Not too different from the challenging heatwave conditions we have been experiencing in many parts of Australia recently.

In simple terms, drinking a hot drink, like our lovely organic chai tea, means more sweat evaporation from our skin, which ultimately reduces the heat stored in our body.

So the simple fact is, a lovely chai tea is a ritual that we can all enjoy in any weather – hot or cold.

So a cup of delicious aromatic chai tea has a wealth of benefits, not only is it delicious, a soother for the soul, but it also makes you feel cooler on a hot day, and hotter on a cool day.

Our blends at The Chai Room are made from the highest quality ingredients. We are all about creating healthy, fragrant and re-energising chai for people to enjoy and share with those they love.

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It might be just the nourishing pick-me-up you need at home or in the office over the coming summer weeks.