International Women's Day 2021

We have been busy this month, with chai meditation workshops and helping out Penrith Council with their week of events to celebrate International Women's Day.

It was a challenge to drive out of Sydney at peak hour and arrange childcare after school, however the opportunity to connect with people over a cup of chai was well worth it.

We met so many women from diverse cultures, some spoke very little English but the word ‘chai’ seemed to be the universal bond.

Some had never even tried masala chai, and there was a look of wonderment and curiosity around this spicy milky beverage.

It led to being the most beautiful ice breaker and flowed through to easy conversation.

The campaign theme for IWD this year was #choosetochallenge which you can read more about here.

I choose to challenge the fear of isolation. This is something that is common, even when we are around other people. I face my fear and challenge myself by reaching out, connecting and asking for help. It can feel so hard sometimes.

The simplest task of giving someone a cup of masala chai if they were sitting alone was a great feeling. I think sometimes we all just want to be noticed.

The ritual of chai is so great to connect inwards and outwards.

Oh! And one last thing!

I was given a great tip from one of our customers about how they love making their chai, especially when making on the stove top; Add a little less water than milk! It can make your chai really creamy! I tried this with our Lemon myrtle native chai and it reminded me of lemon meringue pie.

So, try ½ cup water to 1 cup of milk however, still brew the tea and spice mix in water first, simmer then add the milk.

Here is a video of how!

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